Save the Date: St Crispin’s Day 2019

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Hear ye! Hear ye! The fifteenth (aye, fifteenth!) annual St. Crispin’s Day draws neigh. Please save the date: Wednesday, October 23, 2019. The hosts at the Federal Defender Program will send out invitations soon.

Just a quick teaser: The seminar will feature a guest appearance by Nathan Wessler, the ACLU lawyer who argued (and won) Carpenter v. United States. You’ll find a link to the SCOTUS argument here. Mr. Wessler will shine his light upon this uber-relevant topic: Carpenter and Beyond: Challenging Warrantless Seizures of Tech Evidence After Carpenter.

Nathan Wessler

But wait, there’s more! Mr. Wessler will not be the only St. Crispin’s Day guest who has won a Supreme Court case. We will be visited too by the inimitable Don Samuel (see Georgia v. Randolph, 547 U.S. 103 (2006)). Don will roll his annual Supreme Court update into the State Bar of Georgia building and give us his usual vibrant, edifying narrative of the latest SCOTUS term.

And we will learn more from Leigh Finlayson and Amanda Clark Palmer about the science (and the art) of defending clients targeted by federal gang prosecutions.

Until then, adieu, y’all!

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