What is St. Crispin’s Day?

Every October, we at the Federal Defender Program choose to party like it’s 1415.  We remember the battle at Agincourt between the English and the French.  We celebrate, like Henry V famously celebrated, our own band of brothers and sisters as we few, we happy few, fight through this Hundred Years’ War of our own, a war against injustice and power.  We held our first St. Crispin’s Day feast in 2004, in the small library of our former offices at the Equitable Building.  In later years, we expanded the event and developed a day-long carnival at the State Bar, where our entire local defender community means in search of education, entertainment, and community.  This autumn’s event will be on Wednesday, October 25, 2017, the six-hundred-and-second anniversary of Agincourt, and you will find an invitation and enrollment form here.