Colette Resnik Steel: Come on Down!

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Hollywood’s awards season will soon be upon us. But our own awards season has come and gone. The recent St. Crispin’s Day festival ended in style, as ever, with the presentation of the Leeza R. Cherniak Award of the Sword. Drum roll, please! The 2018 winner: Colette Resnik Steel. Colette’s husband and law partner, Brian Steel, delivered a moving tribute to Colette for her many years of stellar, tireless work on behalf of indigent clients in the Northern District of Georgia. There were more than a few leaky eyes during this sweet moment.

Colette and Brian Steel

Our beloved Jake Waldrop Crispin Star honorees included: Allison Dawson, Millie Dunn, Saraliene Durrett, Leigh Finlayson, Colin Garrett, Suzanne Hashimi, Rick Holcomb, Ash Joshi, Stephanie Kearns, Rob LaRose, Fenn Little, John Lovell, Patrick McMahon, Brian Mendelsohn, Lynn Fant Merritt, Molly Parmer, Rebecca Shepard, Kendal Silas, Natasha Silas, Regina Cannon, Sydney Strickland, Michael Trost, Amy Weil, Clay Whittaker, Roger Wilson, and Thomas Wooldridge.

And membership swelled in the Acquittal Club this year. We love that!

One final note: Thank you to the many generous contributors to Georgia State University’s Jake Waldrop Memorial Intern Fellowship. Vivian Waldrop challenged us to raise $5,000 for the fellowship with her own pledge to match the funds. We announced the goal thinking it rather optimistic. But we are absolutely thrilled to say that your generosity met the goal and exceeded it by thirty dollars. You guys are the best.

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