FDP Spring Seminar (March 14): Mental Health Takes Center Stage

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Spring Seminar Graphic Revised

According to Justice Department statistics, more than sixteen percent of (or one in six) jailed citizens suffer from mental illnesses.  But to the seasoned advocate, this number may seem low.  Mental health issues are present in many of our cases.  One Northern District of Georgia judge recently pulled aside Brian Mendelsohn and said that in her view our district’s lawyers could do a deeper dive in advocating for clients who are mentally ill, especially those with autism spectrum disorder.

Our answer:  We can always do better!  Thus the idea for this year’s spring gathering was born.  Join us as we dedicate a day to our clients with mental health disorders, especially those with autism spectrum disorder.  Please click on the registration link to sign up for this wonderful seminar.

We will begin with an hour on the basics of mental illness from Dr. Julie Rand Dorney.  Second, we offer a primer on the intersection between mental illness and the law from four defender colleagues: Amanda Clark Palmer, Leigh Finlayson, Gary Spencer, and Millie Dunn.  Late morning, Judge Amy Totenberg will offer a view from the bench.  Following a free (and tasty) lunch, Dr. Robert Cohen will teach us all about the spectrum disorders, including autism and Asperger syndrome.  Next Brian Mendelsohn and Jeff Ertel will teach us to cross-examine the government’s experts and to protect our own experts.  Finally, Dr. Adriana Flores will moderate a panel of experts as they discuss solutions to our mental health puzzles.  Here is the sparkling agenda:

Capture Agenda

Please join us.  Once you click on the link here to register, you will earn a handful of terrific door prizes:  knowledge, fellowship, CLE credits (6.5 hours), breakfast, lunch, and drinks.  See you next week!

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