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United States Attorney BJay Pak has formally announced his full (and I do mean full) cabinet.  In yesterday’s Daily Report, Pak made public his new chain of command, which became effective on January 16.  The chain includes new layers of bureaucracy and totals 37 (!) people.  Here is the list:

Gentry Shelnutt, deputy U.S. attorney.

Kurt Erskine, first assistant U.S. attorney.

Larry Sommerfeld, chief of appeals and legal advice.

Yonette Buchanan, chief of criminal division.  Glenn Baker and Jill Steinberg, deputy chiefs.

Lori Beranek, chief of civil division.  Neeli Ben-David and Darcy Coty, deputy chiefs.

Richard Moultrie, chief of violent crime & national security section.  Katherine Hoffer and Ryan Buchanan, deputy chiefs.

Kim Dammers, chief organized crime & gang section.  Mike Herskowitz, deputy chief.

Doug Gilfillan, chief of cyber & intellectual property section.  Nathan Kitchens and Kamal Ghali, deputy chiefs.

Steve McClain, chief of complex frauds section.  Jeffrey Brown and Chris Huber, deputy chiefs.

Jeffrey Davis, chief of public integrity and special matters section.  Brent Gray as deputy chief.

Beth Hathaway, chief of transnational organized crime section.  Lisa Tarvin and Brock Brockington, deputy chiefs.

William Toliver, chief general crimes section.

Tommy Krepp, chief of data analytics unit in the criminal division.

Randy Chartash, lead criminal division attorney for health care fraud unit. Lena Amati, lead civil division attorney for same unit.

Charysse Alexander, senior litigation counsel.

Tom Devlin, senior trial counsel.

Bill McKinnon, senior litigation counsel and Gainesville division coordinator.

Katherine Hoffer, Rome division coordinator.

Angela Munson, Newnan division coordinator.

Dahil Goss, chief of asset forfeiture and money laundering section.  Michael Brown, deputy chief.

Contributor:  Victoria Calvert.

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