Hark, St. Crispin’s Day Draws Neigh

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Friends, we are looking forward to a fine time together at our annual St Crispin’s Day Family Reunion on October 19, 2022, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm at the State Bar of Georgia.  Featured Speakers will include NACDL Executive Director Lisa Wayne, fresh from her victory in United States v. Jason Williams in New Orleans, plus our favorite Supreme Court and Eleventh Circuit guru Don Samuel.  We are also super excited to announce that the ATL Court segment will now feature the Honorable Steven D. Grimberg!

To register, follow the link here.

Award Recognitions: If you are eligible for induction into the 2022 Acquittal Club, please email Stephen Johnson at the Federal Defender Program. If you are eligible for Crispin Star recognition based on another excellent victory (pretrial, trial, appellate, or otherwise), please email Stephen.

We cannot wait to see everyone!

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