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By Victoria Calvert

Congratulations to Amanda Clark Palmer!

Given the number of defense attorneys involved, everyone is likely aware that the first round of defendants in the Gangster Disciples case, 1:16-CR-145-TWT, went to trial in April and May. If you get your RBR news from the U.S. Attorney’s press releases, you would know that five of the defendants were convicted. However, there is more to the story that your Blue Notes Blog correspondent is happy to share. There were not just five defendants on trial, but six. And the sixth defendant, Perry Green, represented by Amanda Clark Palmer, walked away with a not guilty verdict!

The allegations against Mr. Green were concerning; it was alleged that he robbed someone at gunpoint and handed a gun to another gang member so that he could shoot a rival gang member. But Amanda was confident. In the two months prior to the Gangsters Disciples trial she had already won a federal pill mill case with her partner, Don Samuel, in Kentucky and earned an acquittal in Cherokee County on an aggravated assault of a police officer case with Kristen Novay. New Fresh Fruit ChoiceArmed with confidence, and a bag of Cuties (formerly known as clementines), Amanda strode into court and chipped away at the Government’s case. Trial viewers recall that Amanda strenuously objected to the testimony of a witness who had no personal knowledge of facts. When her oral motion was overruled, Amanda filed two motions to reconsider and replies to the government’s responses until finally, her motion was granted. In the words of Mr. Green’s father, Amanda “did her thang.” We look forward to giving her an acquittal club t-shirt (or two? or three?) at our next St. Crispin’s Day festival on October 23, 2019.

Speaking of awards. Congratulations to Don Samuel for winning the Southern Center for Human Rights’ 2019 Luminary Award and to Leigh Finlayson for winning the Atlanta Bar Association’s Criminal Law Section’s 2019 Thomas J. (Jake) Waldrop Truth and Justice Award. In their acceptance speeches, Don and Leigh each spoke about the challenges of continuing the fight even though we lose so much. But both noted that we have each other to lean on and learn from. A win for one of our clients is a win for all of us, so please keep sharing your victories so we can celebrate all of them at the next St. Crispin’s Day.

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