St. Crispin’s Day 2017: An Epilogue

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Was I the only person who left the State Bar on Wednesday humming La Marseillaise?  Probably.  But the event was marvelous.  Thank you to our fabulous speakers: Leigh Finlayson, Don Samuel, Ann Roan, Demetrius Douglas, and Jack Martin.  And to the FDP lawyers who contributed their own knowledge, or wit, or both:  Millie Dunn, Nicole Kaplan, Rick Holcomb, Wes Bryant, Colin Garrett, Stephen Johnson, Kendal Silas, Jeff Ertel, and Natasha Silas.  And to the Band of Brothers, starring Jordan Dayan, Glen Perdew, Kimberly McGuire, and Kenito Murray.  And to the staff of the Federal Defender Program, an incomparable collection of Justice League heroes who are too many to name here.  And, finally, congratulations to the winner of the 2017 Leeza R. Cherniak Award of the Sword: Jack Martin.

Where are the speakers’ materials, you ask?  You will find here a link to the materials on our very own St. Crispin’s Day website.  And if you’d rather receive the materials in one large batch, click here for the master pdf.

We will soon upload to the blog a gallery of Don Morgan’s terrific photographs, but in the mean time, you will find the entire collection if you click here on Mr. Morgan’s own website.

At the seminar, we introduced our recent winners of the Jake Waldrop Federal Defender Fellowship Award.  The fellowship is run by Jake’s alma mater: the Georgia State University Foundation.  The foundation funds FDP internships of Georgia State law students who show a deep commitment to public-defender work.  This project has been in the works for nearly five years, and we want very much to keep it alive, and to support the next generation of brilliant defenders.  At St. Crispin’s Day this week, we challenged every lawyer at Jake’s former home, the Federal Defender Program, to contribute $50 to the fund, and we’d be thrilled if many of our fine lawyers on the panel give to the fund as well.  Think of this as our own pledge drive.  Will you help?  You may contribute by visiting the GSU Foundation website.  On the site, you will see a link for “Find My Find.”  On that page, you will see “Search for Fund,” where you must type in the fund number: 021074.  The fund will pop up just below that box with a blue hyperlink called “Federal Defender Program Fund – 021074.”  Click on that link and take it from there.  If you prefer to mail a check, please send it to Georgia State University Foundation, P.O. Box 2668, Atlanta, GA, 30301-2668.  On the check, please write in the memo line either “Federal Defender Fellowship” or “Fund 021074,” or else the foundation will not know where to put the money.  Many thanks.  And see you next October!


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